Himachal Pradesh Elections 2017 Exit Polls Results – AAP, BJP, Congress

By | December 16, 2017

Himachal Pradesh HP Elections 2017 Opinion Polls and Exit Polls Results: Himachal Pradesh, a northern Indian state in the Himalayas which is popular knows as HP with the capital Shimla, and the populations is around 6.8 million according to 2012 census data, as every 5 year ‘Lok Sabha’ elections are held in the same way the Vidhan Sabha elections are also held, and the last elections were conducted by the Election Commission in 2012 and the 5 year term to complete and parties gearing up for the polls and before the polls are started there are some media agencies who would like to conduct the HP Opinion Polls 2017 and after the elections is completed  HP Exit Poll Results 2017 will be published by the news channels.

Himachal Pradesh Elections 2017 Opinion Polls Exit Polls Results – AAP, BJP, Congress HP

Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Elections 2017 Surveys: The surveys are also similar which is conducted to prepare the opinion polls or get to know the choice or requirement of people in particular area and most probably done to know answers to the questions like ‘Who is a preferable choice for CM‘, ‘Who will win the HP Elections 2017 or 2018 (if held in 2018), a sample size of particular voters of people is taken into consideration from various constituencies, and people of different ages and genders and a team will analyze complete details and finally the Opinion Polls, Surveys and Exit Polls are released out and published.

HP Elections 2017 Exit Polls Results (IndiaToday Aajtak) – Himachal Pradesh

Name of the Party Seats Vote %
AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) included in Others
BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) 47-55
INC (Indian National Congress) 13-20
Others Parties (HLP etc.) including Independent Candidates 00-02
Total 68 Seats

Also Note: Exit/Opinion Polls Results are just voter’s casted vote or data prepared with the same and accuracy of the same can’t be said.

HP Elections 2017 Opinion Polls Results – Himachal Pradesh (ABP News-Lokniti-CSDS)

Name of the Party Seats Vote %
AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) Counted in Others
BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) 39-45
INC (Indian National Congress) 22-28
Others Parties (HLP etc) & Independent Candidates 00-03
Total 68 Seats

Himachal Pradesh Elections Opinion Poll 2017: The above poll will be conducted by the particular media agency between so and so dates which could be updated later, there are total of 68 seats in the Himachal Pradesh state for the Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA’s), we will update after any poll is conducted that AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) could win xx seats, BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) could win xx seats and INC (Indian National Congress) could win xx seats etc. and who could form the government in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh Elections Exit Poll 2017: The main difference between the opinion poll and exit polls is, exit polls are done after the polling and published after all the phases of elections are held because as per the EC, the poll results could influence the voter’s choice so it’s not permitted, so we will update the exit poll later with the name of the conducting agency. There are some media houses and agencies like  News 24, Chanakya, Kautilya, ABP News (ABP CSDS), Times Now (English), NDTV India, Aaj Tak (India Today Axis), Total TV News, VDP Associates, India TV, CNN-IBN, News18, Huffington Post (Huff Post C-Voter) Zee News, News Nation, Sahara Samay, News X could conduct the opinion/exit poll or seat projections which is dependent on some factors.

Who Will Win Himachal Pradesh Elections 2017 or Who will be the Next CM of HP?

Well it’s tough question but this time another party have eyes to contest the Himachal Pradesh elections 2017 or Himachal Pradesh elections 2018, the CM may be from the party who will win the majority of the seats which is 51% or 35 seats, if any party fail to win 35 then it may have the alliance with other party get majority but if it again fails then there will be Governer Rule (in case of Hung Assembly situation) till the next elections are held. Just stay tuned with us as we will update the latest updates on HP elections, Dates, Notifications, and Results information. Do share this website with your friends also.

44 thoughts on “Himachal Pradesh Elections 2017 Exit Polls Results – AAP, BJP, Congress

  1. Himachali

    Congress will win more seats because of faulty ticket distribution by BJP and sidelining of ShantaKumar and PK Dhumal by central leadership.

  2. ankur

    Congrees will win as BJP leaders are more corrupt in himachal and don’t understand the himachal properly.

    1. Sumit Dey

      your prediction is wrong let me correct you BJP will win 40+ seats in Himachal Pradesh

    1. Vijay Nalagarh

      Never regained before, not possible now either. Been his worst term with corruption raising its ugly head !

    1. Anil Rana

      Acha ji bjp is doing everything really kya blind trust hai bjp par
      In every department they have failed

  3. Sukla P

    I have traveled across HP. The mood is towards Congress. People are literally angry with BJP

  4. mayuri

    Congress will win. Because bjp game is over and people understood the real face of modi

  5. SP Thapliyal

    BJP will get overwhelming support from Himachalis. BJP will win with huge margins.

  6. Lakshman Prasad Gupta

    It is generally said that any country which has imposed GST has lost the incoming election. But so far Modiji is considered it should not happen.

  7. vivek

    Congress will win
    corruption is also an issue in bjp
    top brass of bjp is totally corrupt
    no cm face in bjp
    parachute cm is not acceptable to bjp workers and also public
    modi and jaitely misusing cbi
    lack of knowlege in implementing gst
    totally dafars

  8. yashpal

    Chamba district results bhatiyat pathania ji dalhausi asha ji chamba neeraj ji bharbour thakur ji churah bhardwaj ji

  9. sunil

    I think that BJP will won the Election 2017 in H.P. Mr Prem Kumar Dhumal will Chief Minister. I think Party will won at least 43 to 49 seats.

  10. Nishant

    Congress will win and should win Himachal…BJP is dependent on Modi as usual…they don’t have any face for CM…….

  11. kamal


  12. ak

    virbhadra coming 7th time as bjp local leadership is totally corrupt. bjp wants to industrialise himachal which is not good for himachal as it is hilly state. congress is far better for himachal. modi is good in centre but in himachal congress is far better than bjp.

  13. himachali

    I agree, BJP just want to industralise himachal which is not good. himachal way of life is better than other states, here climate chnage and enviornment protection should be first priority. mostly ppl are farmers protecting enviornment is main thibg for long term. BJP i still think, creates more polarisation between people on basis of regions rather than thinking in long term development of himachal.
    congress leadership i think still good for himachal than bjp


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